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Does more Insulation reduce cooling costs
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Does more Insulation reduce cooling costs
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Does more Insulation reduce cooling costs

Everyone is quite familiar with the word "Insulation". In hot areas, many people think that wall insulation will help in reducing their electricity bill. On the other hand, some people think that it will not make much difference. Well, this different thinking is because of the different regions. In the Northern region, when the heat loss takes from the solid surfaces then the room takes a lot more time to cool down and thus it affects the cooling bill. If we talk about homes in the Southern area, then a well-insulated house there is much easier to cool.

How heat moves?

There are three ways through which heat moves and they are radiation, convection and conduction. Radiations are the most common way of heat transfer and everyone is familiar with the solar radiations. The heat on our faces or body during summers is basically because of solar radiations.

Whenever the heat transfers from the hot body to the cold body that is called as conduction.

The third way through which the heat moves is through convection. It is the process of transfer of heat through air or liquid.

The difference in climates

There is a lot of difference in the climates of different regions. Due to which the wall insulation mechanism will work bit differently for different areas. For example, in Georgia,

The indoor temperature is maintained at around 75° F whereas the hottest temperature can go up to 110° F. Now if we take another example, say of Maine, there the indoor temperature that is maintained by the heating systems is around 70 ° F where outdoor temperature is around -10° F at night. It is thus clear that the heat loss rate depends on the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Therefore, in the Northern region it is more important to have wall insulation so that heat can be retained than the heat intrusion which happens in South.

Well, now that the logic must be clear to you but there is an exception to this rule which is the attic insulation in the Southern region. In extreme summers, even the attics can be quite hot there, therefore, it is recommended to have attic ventilation. On an all, the point is that attic insulation is more important in South than the wall insulation.

Heat Gain

Now the question is through which the ways the heat comes in? Well, there are two ways – Internal and external. External heat is because of the solar energy and internal heat is the heat that is emitted through the different equipments like computer monitors, televisions etc.

Let's make it simple, it's obvious that the biggest factor contributing to the hotness or coolness is the sun. In north, the summers are long and in the south the inverse happens. So the solution can be the minimization of solar heat gain from the windows as much as it could be possible. There are various ways to do so like through shades, planting shade trees etc. Insulation will definitely lower down the electricity bills.

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